Personal Digital Archaeology: New Computer Price List.doc, April 17, 2004

Athlon XP 2500-based Computer Build, Spring 2004.
Athlon XP 2500-based Computer Build, Spring 2004.

While looking through old files, I came across a Word document file dated April 17, 2004 and titled “New Computer Price List.doc.” The list is for the materials that went into the PC that I built and used before I upgraded to a Power Macintosh G5 a year later. It’s an interesting artifact of that time–not only of the choices and components available, but also of the computer parts companies no longer around (Monarch and CompUSA). Here’s the list:

CPU                AMD AthlonXP 2500+ Retail                       $89.00             Monarch Computers

Motherboard   MSI NForce2 K7N2-Delta-ILSR D               $118.00           Monarch Computers

RAM              Corsair 1GB XMS3200 CL2 Pro                   $299.99           Microcenter

Hard Drive      Western Digital 160GB Special Edition         $120.00           Sam’s Club

Optical Drive  Sony Combo Drive DVD/CD-RW 52x          $89.99             CompUSA

Video Card      eVGA Geforce FX 5950 Ultra 256mb           $499.00           Microcenter

Case                Antec Lanboy w/ 350watt power supply      $79.99             CompUSA

Power Supply Antec True 480watt (replaced 350watt)        $50.00             Perry (his old PS)

Lighting           Cold Cathode Blue Light 2pk                         $14.99             Microcenter

Lighting           LED Blue spotlight                                         $6.99               Microcenter

Total:                                                                                      $1367.95

– Rebates:                                                                                $90.00

Final Total:                                                                             $1277.95

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