Minireview: The Reconcilers Graphic Novel Volume 1

While Y and I were sitting for several hours in an airplane–on the ground, I had the pleasure of meeting the writer, actor, and director Erik Jensen. After I mentioned to him that my specific area of training is in Science Fiction, he gave me a graphic novel saying, “here’s some Science Fiction for you.” I was thankful for theContinue reading “Minireview: The Reconcilers Graphic Novel Volume 1”

DC Reboots Full Line of Comics to No. 1 in 2011

Seth and I were talking about DC’s planned reboot of its comic lines after we saw X-Men: First Class with Y and Joy tonight at the Kent University Plaza Theater. After I got home, I saw this article by George Gene Gustines on the New York Times that discusses the scope of DC’s plans: Audacious.Continue reading “DC Reboots Full Line of Comics to No. 1 in 2011”

Notes from Taiwan, Three Versions of Home Guy and Japanese/Taiwanese Otaku Differentiation

Today, Y and I met up with her best friends from high school for a vegetarian lunch followed by a temple visit and then hanging out at Anita’s home. During the day, I had a wonderful conversation with Y’s good friend Amy Yau, who is an editor of computer and design books in Taipei, aboutContinue reading “Notes from Taiwan, Three Versions of Home Guy and Japanese/Taiwanese Otaku Differentiation”

CFP, Surrealism, Science Fiction, and Comic Books Conference

Andy Sawyer forwarded this to the SFRA mailing list: Call for Papers: ‘Surrealism, Science Fiction, and Comic Books’ In his 1976 essay ‘Science Fiction and Allied Literature,’ David Ketterer wrote ‘it is rather surprising that the considerable affinity which exists between Surrealism and SF has not attracted more attention.’ This observation was repeated in 1997Continue reading “CFP, Surrealism, Science Fiction, and Comic Books Conference”

Review, Watchmen

This past weekend, Yufang, Seth, Kolter, Masaya, Brandon, and I went to see Watchmen at the Independence Regal South of Akron.  Having read the original comic, I enjoyed seeing a live action rendition of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ graphic novel on the silver screen.  I believe that Zack Snyder produced the best possible filmicContinue reading “Review, Watchmen”