How I Work: Distance Learning Edition

Due to COVID-19, City Tech (and all of CUNY) shifted its in-person classes to online, distance learning instruction. In this post, I reflect on my current class’s transition to distance learning, show how I have configured my office and computer for screencasting and video conferencing, describe some software and services that support distance learning, andContinue reading “How I Work: Distance Learning Edition”

Editing Your Work for Time Limits

The most difficult thing about preparing for the 2009 AGES Graduate Student Symposium tomorrow was editing my ICFA 2009 essay, “Time Enough for Twitter:  Postmodern Science Fiction and Online Personas,” from 2793 words to 1994 words so that I would more closely fall into the 10-15 minute time frame alloted to each presenter (my presentationContinue reading “Editing Your Work for Time Limits”