Learning from our Grandmothers: Memories of my Granny Ellis (1918-2012)

Early Monday morning, I received an unexpected phone call from my Dad. Obviously upset, he told me that my Granny Ellis had passed away during the night. It was hard to wrap my head around this fact. She was 94 years old, and she marshaled on despite numerous health problems–especially later in life. She wasContinue reading “Learning from our Grandmothers: Memories of my Granny Ellis (1918-2012)”

Notes from Taiwan, More on Food

Y, her family, and her friends have all been introducing me to many wonderful foods during my visit in Taiwan. Yesterday, Y and I joined her high school friends at a popular vegetarian restaurant between Taoyaun and Jhongli. This was a very peaceful setting for our lunch, because it was a traditional style house importedContinue reading “Notes from Taiwan, More on Food”

Notes from Taiwan, and Blog Post 700

For my 700th post on dynamicsubspace.net, I wanted to include my initial notes on Y’s and my trip to visit my in-laws in Taiwan. We flew Continental from Jacksonville to Houston to Narita, Japan to Taipei, Taiwan. I particularly enjoyed the flight to Narita, even though I was very tired at the end, because weContinue reading “Notes from Taiwan, and Blog Post 700”