It’s Time to Fight Back: 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting

NPR and PBS add to the American discourse in ways that no other broadcasting and online presence can do. PBS in particular offers educational and entertaining programming that you cannot find on any other broadcast network much less the hundreds of channels on cable. Public broadcasting is a service for the people, by the peopleContinue reading “It’s Time to Fight Back: 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting”

2 Free World of Warcraft Guest Pass Keys Available

I received two World of Warcraft Guest Pass Keys when I purchased my WoW: Cataclysm boxed set, and I would like to give them to someone who would like to try out WoW for 10 days free. The Guest Pass Key allows you to download the WoW client software from Blizzard here and then playContinue reading “2 Free World of Warcraft Guest Pass Keys Available”

eBooks and Librarys

I know that there has been a lot more interest in eBooks following Amazon’s introduction of the Kindle and Kindle DX, but I was surprised to hear that ebooks, while only making up 3% of the book “publishing” market, represent the fastest growing segment of the book market according to this New York Times article.Continue reading “eBooks and Librarys”

Free Read, Ted Chiang’s “Exhalation”

Browse over to Night Shade Books’ download page here and download Ted Chiang’s Hugo-nominated short story, “Exhalation,” in your favorite format flavor.  There’s also some other great reading there including Walter Jon William’s “The Green Leopard Plague,” and Andy Duncan’s “Unique Chicken Goes in Reverse.”  Also, there are novels by Jon Armstrong and Richard Kadrey.Continue reading “Free Read, Ted Chiang’s “Exhalation””

Open Source Software

I’m really trying to make a go at using more open source software in my daily practices as a professional academic and as a savvy computer hobbyist.  You may call this a late New Year’s resolution, but it was originally intended as a carefully thought-out reboot of the software that I use on my PCContinue reading “Open Source Software”