Godspeed, Gary Stephen Thompson (1945-2012)

Scanning from left to right in the adjacent picture from Christmastime 2008, you will see Bob Rainey, Mark Warbington, Paul Talamas, Gary Thompson, and me. This was the last time that I saw my friend Gary jovial and excited with life. On my way home to visit my family that year, I stopped through AtlantaContinue reading “Godspeed, Gary Stephen Thompson (1945-2012)”

Bert S. Cash’s Captures Music Concerts and Nature With Photography

Bert Cash and I first met at Risley Middle School in Brunswick, Georgia. I was a straight-laced nerd, and he was a hyper-intelligent troublemaker. How we became fast friends, I’m not exactly sure. It could have been our mutual respect for science fiction films, affinity for video games, or acumen at baseball and skateboarding. InContinue reading “Bert S. Cash’s Captures Music Concerts and Nature With Photography”

The Black Earth Short Film by James Warbington Now in Editing

My buddy James Warbington has completed shooting and moved on to editing his latest short film, The Black Earth. James and I go way back to my days in the big ATL. Besides trying to stay out of trouble, we collaborated on two 48-Hour Film Projects–once with James serving as Director/Producer and once with meContinue reading “The Black Earth Short Film by James Warbington Now in Editing”

Mack and Sue Hassler’s Excellent BBQ

http://www.flickr.com/photos/dynamicsubspace/5820251998/ Mack and Sue Hassler invited me, Y, and my folks over for a cookout this past Friday. Besides the amazing blue cheese infused hamburgers and tasty brats, we all had a great time talking about families, university life, house repairs, and Samuel R. Delany. http://www.flickr.com/photos/dynamicsubspace/5820249836/ Click through the photos above to see others fromContinue reading “Mack and Sue Hassler’s Excellent BBQ”

Notes from Taiwan, Dinner with Junior High School Friends

Last night, Y’s junior high school classmate Nathan picked Y and I up from Y’s parents’ house to go to dinner at an Italian restaurant called Cafe Grazie. It is one of the many restaurants in the enormous shopping complex in Jhongli called Metrowalk. Before talking about the dinner, I should mention something about publicContinue reading “Notes from Taiwan, Dinner with Junior High School Friends”

Notes from Taiwan, High School Friends

Before losing our Internet connection, Y and I spent two days hanging out with her high school friends. On Sunday, January 2, we went out to a vegetarian place with Y’s friends Amy, Hwang, Kevin, Anita, Ethan, Russell, Samuel, and Melissa. The restaurant was once a building in China that its owner had disassembled andContinue reading “Notes from Taiwan, High School Friends”

Notes from Taiwan, More on Food

Y, her family, and her friends have all been introducing me to many wonderful foods during my visit in Taiwan. Yesterday, Y and I joined her high school friends at a popular vegetarian restaurant between Taoyaun and Jhongli. This was a very peaceful setting for our lunch, because it was a traditional style house importedContinue reading “Notes from Taiwan, More on Food”

Masaya Japan Bound, and Reflecting on Long-Distance Friendships

My buddy Masaya, who started the PhD program at KSU at the same time that I did, just left Kent for a new job in Japan. He’s planning on finishing his dissertation from home. It is uncertain if Yufang and I will see Masaya again in Kent, but we are planning on visiting him inContinue reading “Masaya Japan Bound, and Reflecting on Long-Distance Friendships”

ICFA 2009, And a Friend Walks By

Do you know how in a novel a friend of the protagonist may walk back into his or her life after an extended absence–a chance encounter that is happily unexpected.  That phenomenon is also a really fun aspect of conferences.  While I was sitting in the lobby of the hotel, leeching off Marriott’s free InternetContinue reading “ICFA 2009, And a Friend Walks By”