SFRA 2009, Essay Conclusion and Sushi

While my pants were washing in my awesome Frigidaire combo washer and dryer, I rewrote the concluding section of my World of Warcraft essay that I am presenting on Friday morning.  Now, I just need to type it up, but I’m out and about right now, so that will have to wait until later this afternoon when I am back home.

With the conclusion finished (but not yet joined to a shorter length overall essay), I drove back to the Starbucks area in Tucker, and got lunch at the delicious Kochi Sushi and Hibachi.  For only $10, I got a Coke (it’s required in Atlanta) and a bento box full of sushi, tempura, teriyaki chicken, and fried rice along with soup and salad.  There was so much food, I couldn’t eat it all, but I sure did try.  Kochi’s lunch is yummy and highly recommended for the taste and the price!

One more thing–I never complained about my unibody MacBook’s glossy screen, until now.  It is nearly impossible to use this thing outside where I”m sitting on Starbuck’s patio.  My blue IAFA shirt is perfectly reflected on the screen where I am typing this blog post.  Chock one up for matte finish laptop screens.

ICFA 2009, Friday Dinner

Tonight, I walked about two miles from the hotel in search of a better place to enjoy a vegetarian-oriented meal.  This is only my first full day of attempting to avoid meat to build some karma surplus for Yufang’s upcoming comprehensive exams.  Talking with Ritch Calvin, VP of SFRA and my ICFA roommate, gave me some ideas and pointers about how to proceed with a meatless diet.    

Lunch went very well with the conference’s luncheon offerings of salad, tasty veggies, and delicious lemon cakes.  I didn’t want just a salad for a second meal today, so I went in search of more variety.

About two miles from the hotel, I discovered a Japanese hibachi and sushi restaurant.  It is very small inside, but it contains three large hibachi grills, a sushi bar, and a few other tables.  I was seated at one of the grills with two women.  The older of the two, Carol, started talking with me when she caught me staring at the enormous halon-like fire suppression system bolted to the wall over my head.  Carol, her daughter Becky, and I had a wonderful time talking over onion soup, ginger dressing covered salad, and veggie stirfry with fried rice.  Carol lives in the area, but Becky lives with her husband in Maryland.  It was interesting talking with Becky, because she is a professor of sustainability (she and her students are going on a three day trip to an island without electricity, but with compost toilets–how cool for her students!) and a vegetarian, or as she calls herself, an “ethitarian.”  This serendipitous encounter fueled me resolve to eat healthier (and who knows–I might learn to like it!).

After saying goodnight, I walked back to the hotel (passing by Starbucks without stopping) to work on some posts that I was unable to publish earlier today.  

Tomorrow will be a relaxing day with some writing, one definite session attendance, and some poolside fun and sun.