Moon Machines on Science Channel

Science Channel seems to be my favorite channel to watch on cable. Today, I am watching the program Moon Machines. This series surveys the contributions by the many scientists, engineers, and skilled workers who contributed to the total effort to send twelve astronauts to the Moon’s surface and fourteen other astronauts to lunar orbit. ThisContinue reading “Moon Machines on Science Channel”

Lego Models of NASA’s Project Constellation, Orion and Altair

Legos return to the Moon! I built the following Lego models of NASA’s Project Constellation spacecraft and lunar lander when I would take breaks from my PhD exam reading schedule. The Orion spacecraft includes a detachable solid rocket booster, and it can be mated to the Altair lunar lander craft. Orion carries three minifig astronauts,Continue reading “Lego Models of NASA’s Project Constellation, Orion and Altair”

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Snaps Apollo Landing Sites

Visit this site to see pictures taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) of the Apollo landing sites.  The lunar lander descent stages can be made out, but they are very tiny in the current images.  The site says that future images of the landing sites will have a higher resolution, because the LRO hadContinue reading “Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Snaps Apollo Landing Sites”