The A-Team: Sky Dragons in Translation

This afternoon, Y and I caught the beginning of The A-Team first season episode “Holiday in the Hills”–one of many episodes that reveal the horrors of the home front, in this case the backwoods of South Carolina. While we were watching the episode, Y shared this very interesting bit of information with me: in Taiwan,Continue reading “The A-Team: Sky Dragons in Translation”

Science Fiction, LMC3214: Final Paper Topics Were On a Broad Spectrum of SF Media

I just finished grading my students’ final paper projects. Their task was to use several definitions of SF from a list that I had prepared for them (or others that they found on their own and properly cited) to evaluate whether a work that we had not discussed in class was SF or not. ThroughContinue reading “Science Fiction, LMC3214: Final Paper Topics Were On a Broad Spectrum of SF Media”

A Search for Episodic TV That Deals With the Fantastic, Found

This morning, Y was asking me about watching a TV show late at night a long time ago about a couple who discover that their radio can tune into the conversations of their apartment building neighbors. I had never seen it, but we brainstormed Google searches for television series that deal with the fantastic. IContinue reading “A Search for Episodic TV That Deals With the Fantastic, Found”

V The Original Miniseries on Syfy

I have not watched V: The Original Miniseries since I was about six years old when it originally aired. I remember the excitement of the story and my wanting to fight alongside Mike Donovan against The Visitors. This morning, I am watching it on Syfy Network for the first time in over 27 years. ItContinue reading “V The Original Miniseries on Syfy”

Watching Star Wars Tech on History Channel International

I am watching Star Wars Tech on History Channel International right now. It is a fun television program that questions the possibility and veracity of imaginative technologies in the six Star Wars films. It is informative and interesting, but it is disappointing to hear the scientists depicted as universal grammarians. Programs like this one placeContinue reading “Watching Star Wars Tech on History Channel International”

Back with Time Warner (and Busted HD)

Y and I decided to drop Time Warner a few years ago to help save on our monthly bills and to reduce how much media we consumed while studying for our PhD exams. Now, we both have some breathing room and we can use TV, news, and movies in our respective research. For Y, weContinue reading “Back with Time Warner (and Busted HD)”

Pioneers of Television: Science Fiction, on PBS

Tonight, I saw the one hour episode of Pioneers of Television on Science Fiction. It was an interesting look at some of the early, popular science fiction television shows in the US: Lost in Space, Star Trek, and The Twilight Zone. I liked how they portrayed the influences behind the way these shows. It wasn’tContinue reading “Pioneers of Television: Science Fiction, on PBS”

ABC Cancels Defying Gravity

Okay, so just as I was getting into Defying Gravity, ABC cancels the show according to Ace Showbiz via I09. Obviously, I will be able to see the episodes that won’t air on ABC, but it really grinds my gears when a network pulls the plug on a show before it gets off the ground–well,Continue reading “ABC Cancels Defying Gravity”