ENG3402, The Graphic Novel: Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns (Continued…)

Continuing from my previous post on The Dark Knight Returns, I’ve assembled a selection of videos below featuring Frank Miller and others talking about Miller’s work in The Dark Knight Returns.

In this interview introduced by science fiction writer and editor Harlan Ellison for “The Masters of Comic Book Art (1987), Frank Miller discusses The Dark Knight Returns, Ronin, and other works.

DC Comics interviews people about their work on and memories of The Dark Knight Returns.

The Frank Miller episode of G4’s Icons discusses The Dark Knight Returns at the 16:00 mark.

Frank Miller was interviewed for Comic Book Confidential (1988). His part of documentary is embedded below.

In this final video, Frank Miller talks about his work and influences.

ENGL1101 Project 2 Videos: Storytelling Animals Telling Us Stories Based on John Medina’s Brain Rules

In their Project 2: Storytelling Animals Assignment [download here], my current ENGL1101 students made these videos that layer storytelling with educational content based on one chapter from John Medina’s Brain Rules. During the production of the videos, each team collaboratively wrote an outline, wrote a script, drew storyboards, shot footage, edited their footage into these videos, and uploaded them to YouTube. Individually, each student wrote an account of their composition process and a reflection on how their project achieved WOVEN (written, oral, visual, electronic, and nonverbal) multimodal synergy. The title for the assignment comes from Jonathan Gottschall’s Storytelling Animals, which the students read and discussed in parallel with project 2. The students had already read all of the chapters in Medina’s Brain Rules before beginning Project 2. Now, on with the show!

Section G1

Team: Tech Titans | Brain Rules, Rule 2: Survival

Team: The Mean Girls | Brain Rules, Rule 4: Attention

Team: All the Girls in ENGL1101 | Brain Rules, Rule 11: Gender

Section P

Team: Alpha Hawk | Brain Rules, Rule 7: Sleep

Team: Team Dose | Brain Rules, Rule 12: Exploration

Team: Team Whooch | Brain Rules, Rule 1: Exercise

ENGL 1101 Project 2 Videos, Creating Educational Videos Based on John Medina’s Brain Rules

For the second major project in my current ENGL 1101 classes, I guided my students through the revision process of creating an educational video based on what they learned from a chapter of their choosing from John Medina’s Brain Rules. They used the revision process to develop an outline, script, and storyboard. Throughout the process, they received feedback from their peers to develop each shooting component of the video. We worked together as a class to think through the methods of filming and editing to construct rhetorically effective videos. Today, they have completed their videos and we will be watching them in class. We will discuss the videos as a class during the viewing–providing praise, criticism, and constructive feedback. While I am not requiring students to revise their videos, they do have that option. Each student is required to think through and provide a plan of revision in their final portfolios due at the end of the semester. Their videos are included after the jump (I will update the page as I receive YouTube video links from my students).

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A Selection of Videos to Review with My ENGL1101 Classes on Oct 17, 2012

During today’s class, I would like us to watch these videos and discuss what these videos attempt to accomplish rhetorically using WOVEN (written, oral, visual, electronic, and nonverbal) modes of communication.

10 Amazing Facts About the Brain:

Interesting Facts About the Human Brain:

NOVA – Inside Oliver Sack’s Brain on Music:

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