Brian Dunning’s Here Be Dragons: An Introduction to Critical Thinking

A post on Kristin Sanford’s excellent science blog, The Bird’s Brain, directed me to a terrific 40 minute video by Brian Dunning on critical thinking.  Available here, Dunning describes all the basics for critically engaging, evaluating, and questioning the world around us–particularly focusing on pseudo-science and unsubstantiated pharmacological claims.  He presents a well-thoughtout and expertly assembled video.  I recommend it, and I might use it in my college writing class in the Fall.  Also, check out Dunning’s website and podcast here.

3 thoughts on “Brian Dunning’s Here Be Dragons: An Introduction to Critical Thinking

  1. Shi*e would be the word I would choose, Its worse than listening to a highschool teacher trying to imprint their personal veiw of the world on you. Protentious cack, barely researched subject matter with his own conclusions. He seems to be the worst victim of what he is trying to preach which makes it mildly amusing for about 10 minutes.
    Just don’t waste your time on this air head, if you want to be skeptical about something their are far better ways to research it than listen to this drivel.

  2. Hey guys, thanks for the comments.

    Thivai–Dunning is addressing the spiritual and “energy” aspects of yoga–I don’t think he would say it makes you less limber. Also, the operative word is “introduction.”

    Critical Thinker_the awakened–For an introductory video on developing critical thought, Dunning succeeds. You should check out his podcast–you’ll find he’s not an “air head.”

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