Custom Light-Up Display Stand for LEGO Star Wars Midi-Scale Millennium Falcon 7778 with Han Solo and Chewbacca from 7190

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon building a custom display stand for the “midi-scale” Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon 7778. I used white bricks and plates to build an empty box for its base. On its front, I used clear round pieces for filler and translucent blue pieces for the letters. I planned out the letters on an index card that I drew a grid pattern on. If you count the columns, you can see that I was left with an extra, unused column. Yufang suggested setting the bottom line of text off by one column to spread this spare column between both lines of text, which I think works very well. In the back of the base, I installed a light brick to illuminate the Star Wars text on the front. On top of the base, I build a stand for the Falcon using Technic bricks. It took some experimentation with different elements to get the angle that I wanted. On top of the stand, I used a 4×4 rotating assemblage to give the Falcon a more dramatic pose. In order to keep it at the rotation angle that I choose, I used a Technics rod assembly attached with a 2×2 rotating assemblage to meet it to the Falcon and hold it in place. I added the Han Solo and Chewbacca minifigures from the original Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon 7190 set to complete the project.