Science Fiction, LMC 3214: Pulp SF, Gernsback, CL Moore, and HP Lovecraft

In today’s class, we managed a whirlwind of material!

Before discussing the assigned reading: CL Moore’s “Shambleau” and HP Lovecraft’s “The Colour Out of Space,” I gave a lecture on the origins of pulp fiction, Hugo Gernsback, Amazing Stories, Space Opera, Weird Tales, Weird Fiction, and Cosmic Horror.

Dr. Malavika Shetty from Georgia Tech’s Communication Center also stopped by to let my students know what the Comm Center can do for them as they begin working on their final paper assignments.

Tomorrow, we will talk about SF film serials and watch a few episodes of Flash Gordon: Space Soldiers before reviewing for the first exam at the beginning of class next Monday (no class on Thursday this week because of Independence Day sans Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum).

What do you think?

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