2 Days Left on VFX1 Headgear Virtual Reality System eBay Auction


Just wanted to let everyone know that my auction for a VFX1 VR helmet on ebay has two days left. Granted, the VR helmet doesn’t come with everything that you need to make it go, so to speak, but this is a heck of a technological artifact from the heady days of the 1990s and the beginning of widespread adoption of the Internet. And just look at my picture above–how cool is that?! I look like I should be in techno-movie like The Lawnmower Man or Strange Days. That could be you, if you win my auction, which has an opening bid of only $49.99!

You can find out more about the VFX1 VR System here, here, and here. You can download drivers for the system here.

It’s funny that I’m reading Mark Poster’s The Information Subject right now as I’m selling the Forte VFX1 VR Helmet, or perhaps it’s only coincidence. I mean, I ran across the VR Helmet just after we moved into the new place, and I saved Poster to read after working through some of the other items on my Pomo reading list. I suppose it was an unconscious motivation to sell the VR helmet as I began reading about the Internet, VR, and pomo identity formation. And the irony about the helmet and Poster’s collection of essays is how theorists unwittingly played futurists who failed to capture or realize the topology and new (old) interfaces for the Internet.

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I am an Assistant Professor of English at the New York City College of Technology, CUNY whose teaching includes composition and technical communication, and research focuses on science fiction, neuroscience, and digital technology. Also, I coordinate the City Tech Science Fiction Collection, which holds more than 600 linear feet of magazines, anthologies, novels, and research publications.

23 thoughts on “2 Days Left on VFX1 Headgear Virtual Reality System eBay Auction

  1. Hi John,

    Unfortunately, I had to throw it away, because I could not find anyone to buy it at the time and I needed to free up space in our home.


  2. Unfortunately, I was not able to sell the VFX1 on ebay or locally through Craigslist. It was found in the trash, and it was returned to the trash (recycling).

  3. Hey Joe,

    I’m sorry that the VFX1 isn’t available any longer. A few months ago, there were several complete VFX1 installations (helmet, ISA card, controller puck) on ebay, but they sold for more than I was willing or able to pay. If you happen to find one, stop back by and let me know how you found the experience to be.

    Best, Jason

  4. Thanks for posting that you have a VFX1, Silva. If you would like to sell it, you can provide your contact information in a future comment, or if you choose to list your VFX1 on ebay, please comment with a link to the auction. Best, Jason

  5. I have a VFX1 that is *NEW* in packaging! It has never been opened or used, and comes with all the original pieces still in the box!!! I’m taking offers starting at $500 and will also be posting the item on ebay. Contact alexandra816@mail.com with inquiries!

    •MSRP- $695 US
    •Avg. Retail – $599 US
    •Avg. Web – $499 US

  6. Dear Alexandra, If you post your VFX1 to ebay, please reply with a link. You will likely find some folks here interested in your auction. Best, Jason

  7. Hello I am currently putting together an Ebay package of 5 VFX1 Headgear, 1 puck, 2 F22 Pro Thrustmaster joysticks (military simulator grade), and odd N end cables connectors, network cards, video cards etc. I don’t have all the VFX1 cards — have 3 and can’t say they work. All this has been pack away in storage so no guarantee on anything. Also the black foam padding which rests against the forehead inside the headgear was crumbly from age. New foam could easily be glued in.

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