1080p Trouble with Windows 7, Nvidia, and Samsung LCD HDTV

I made a point of downloading Microsoft Windows 7 before the cutoff date of the free RC download offer. I wanted to try out the OS on my custom-built PC that I use in the living room to watch online video content and listen to Internet radio stations through iTunes.

So far I’ve only run into one significant problem with Windows 7, which may or may not be due to the OS as much as it may be due to the Nvidia video drivers and the way that they tell the graphics hardware to send a signal to my Samsung LN32B530 LCD TV (32″ 1080p resolution) via VGA.

Prior to installing Windows 7, I was running Microsoft Windows Vista. I do not need to go into detail about how much Vista sucks. I believe others have done a far better job online about decrying its issues ad infinitum. However, the one thing that I never had any trouble with was getting Vista and my nvidia 9500gt video card to display 1080p properly on the Samsung LCD TV.

The problem that developed after installing Windows 7 was that when I selected 1920×1080 resolution is that approximately 100 pixels would fall off the right side of the display even though the rest of the LCD area was covered with what remained of the Windows desktop. I could try tweaking the placement of the desktop on the screen, but this only mean shifting some pixels off the left side in order to accommodate the right.

Last night I found a solution that I do not know why it worked, but it did. I knew that the TV was receiving the correct resolution, because the status box on the TV screen said “1920×1080 60Hz.” So, I thought it may have something to do with the TV’s settings. After playing around with the menus, this is what I did to get the resolution to show up correctly on the LCD panel: I went into the TV’s Menu, and selected Picture > Screen > Image Reset. After choosing Image Reset, the desktop reset and filled the LCD panel correctly. Problem solved.

27 thoughts on “1080p Trouble with Windows 7, Nvidia, and Samsung LCD HDTV

  1. I have the same the issue and I tried what you did and it did not work..:(

    I am thinking in installing Windows Xp insteado of Windows 7 (which I think is a really nice version).

    I have reset the image several time and I am still not being able to see the desktop filling the whole screen.

  2. Hey Nicolas, I’m sorry that the fix that I suggested didn’t work for you. Unfortunately, I don’t know what causes the problem, and I don’t know why resetting my TV’s picture settings corrected it. If I find a better solution and explanation, I’ll post it here. -Jason

  3. Hello, I was looking for solution, but found fix by myself (Picture reset didn’t help). In TV settings (Samsung 7 series) Picture Options -> Size -> Just Scan. Hope this helps.

  4. On my TV Samsumg 32″ FULL HD 5 Series working with HDMI interface with my nvidia gtx 275 used Menu > Picture > Picture Options > Size > Screen Fit.

    That works perfectly for me.

  5. THANKS SO MUCH, I have a 52″ SAMSUNG LNT5271F and was wondering why my Windows 7 Ultimate desktop was extending outside the viewable range of my HDTV. I had to enter MENU, then choose PICTURE then SIZE, it was set originally set to 16:9 so I changed it to JUST SCAN. Presto with Windows 7 now my desktop fits perfectly on my beautiful 52″ screen in all its 1080P splendor.

    Again Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


  6. I have the same problem with my westinghouse 26 in monitor I had to put my vga cables on in order to get a picture of any kind from my computer. No hdmi at all.

  7. I’m glad that this page is helping some folks out with getting Windows 7 to display correctly on 1080p LCD TVs. I got a copy of the 32bit Ultimate Edition of Windows 7 from a recent Microsoft developers event, but I hadn’t had the time to install it. Once I do, I will see if it is affected by this issue as well.


  8. Hi!
    I have this problem too and i have windows 7 64 bit and nvidia gefore 275, i found out that if you go to preferences and get your aspect ratio to 1:1 it fixes the problem.

    My tv is a Limited Label 32″ 1080p.

  9. 40″ Samsung needed to be set to scan also to pick up my Win7 install properly. Picture -> Picture Options -> Size. Thanks for starting this thread

  10. I now believe that this has more to do with the nvidia video card and/or nvidia drivers than it does Windows 7. I have experienced the same problem with Ubuntu with an AOC 1080p computer monitor. Or, the problem might have something to do with the DVI-to-VGA connector that came with the video card that I’ve used for connecting the PC to my Samsung HDTV and the AOC monitor. However, I don’t know how to account for Windows Vista, without changes to the hardware, didn’t exhibit the display shift that Windows 7 and Ubuntu have.

  11. I was using windows vista on my dell laptop, and usually had it hook up to my 1080p AOC lcd hdtv using the vga cable and it works great, and when I both the tv, it came with the vga cable, so soon I connect my laptop to the tv, it shows the great display on the tv monitor. After had someone intalled windows 7 ultimate on my laptop, which by the way is really better that windows vista, but the only one problem I found, is when I hook it up to my tv, is not pick it up the signal, tv screen goes dark showin an error message saying video7 vga mode not supported. So anyone can explain to me what is going on, is this something have to do with the tv resolution greater than w7 resolution or is the video card on my notebook, or I have to download a software to make work.

  12. Thanks guys… On my SHARP LCD panel, had the same problem until i finally saw I had it on “Stretch” instead of “Dot by Dot” View Mode. Good luck to anyone else!

  13. On a Phillips there is a choice in installation:video mode to choose PC over HDTV.

    Didn’t have to do it for a Radeon but had to for a Nvidia.

  14. maybe anybody has an idea how to solve the problem with the Desktop with an older Samsung LE46F… LCD connected via HDMI cable to PC with HDCP graphics card and newest DirectX9 and hardware drivers. 1920p works but the Desktop is bigger than the LCd can show. (tricky to find the X button or to close windows e.g.). I couldn´t find a picture button and I tried several resolution options to see the whole desktop. No answer from Samsung support yet.

  15. Don’t know if this will help. I have a Hisense TV. I think mediatek makes the flat panel chips Anyway. I tried to connect my comp. up with hdmi and it came up smaller than the screen. I found an option with my radeon drivers to adjust the overscan. If you go to AMD Vision Control Centre – My Digital Flat Panels.- Scaling options .. and turn the slider all the way over to Overscan or 0% it makes the screen fit perfectly. Still looking for a way to turn on the 200hz refresh rate.

  16. hope this will help works for me 100%. :-)
    Go to your ‘Screen resolution’ select ‘Advance settings’ then select ‘Monitor tab’ then Uncheck the ‘Hide modes that this computer cannot display’. done. now you can set the exact display of your monitor. :-)

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